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`Vaishali Nagar will become a micro-city’…Yes or No?

The Crown Group, Jaipur

Property in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

With facilities like malls, showrooms, hotels, educational institutions and properties spanning from super luxury to affordable flats Vaishali Nagar indeed promises to be a micro city with exceptional living unlike hustle and bustle of Main Jaipur City.

Besides Its Proximity from International Airport, Jaipur Railway Junction and highways like Ajmer connecting Mumbai via Ajmer and Delhi Highway via Achrol makes it a convenient place to live and easier to commute larger lengths without even entering the super busy main metropolitan of the city.

Why do cities grow and develop along the route to an international airports and National Highways?

Airports, central railway stations and bus stations are entry and departure points to a city. In many ways they are the doors to the city that welcome and send off both the floating day population of a city, and the permanent and peripatetic denizens as well.

The international airport is a point of entry and departure as well. The roads that connect to it are the arteries that enjoy high visibility and high traffic flow. Both sides of the roads that connect an international airport become high-value terrains. Every city in the world has the habit of developing its real estate properties embracing such link arteries. Vaishali Nagar is no different.

Keep watching. Every journey of yours on the airport road will see a new development. Office spaces, residential towers, gated enclaves, and entertainment and dining locations find roads such as these pretty huggable. The entire stretch of the road to the airport gets surrounded by brick, mortar, steel and glass. Give it 10 years and the entire stretch will look no different than the arterial stretches of a Dubai or Shanghai.

Has Vaishali Nagar’s proximity with international airport and railway junction put the locality on the business map?

Absolutely. Vaishali Nagar is a magnet name globally. The international airport and railway junction has added to this allure as well. The city boasts of an efficient airport today and it has certainly put Vaishali Nagar on the global business map. A good and efficient point of entry and departure is always welcome. Vaishali Nagar not only boasts of a good infrastructure, but also boasts of a super-efficient set-up. All this adds to the luster of Vaishali Nagar.

Do you foresee more commercial development unfolding in the locality quadrant in the years ahead?

The quadrant of Vaishali Nagar is going to be the one that really booms. There is still availability of land that seeks development. Builders are betting on this terrain and I see no reason why this area should slack in any manner.

What impact will the expansion plans of the international airport and national highway have on the Vaishali Nagar belt in terms of commercial development?

As the airport expands, it will also help expanding the radius of attraction for property developments. This radius will have allure in every direction. As of today, the allure of prices is more towards the direction of the city. Expect this to move in every direction. 360 degrees is the orientation. If you wish for a calmer future, you will move further away from the airport. If you wish to be that much closer to the hustle and bustle, you will get closer to the city.

This is what I would call the ‘Golden Radius’ of north Vaishali Nagar. Every angle of it holds allure.

Do you see the localities in north Vaishali Nagar acquiring a distinct brand image in the future with the connectivity driven development? Will this mean premium values for properties in the belt?

Values will depend on how self-capacitated these areas develop to be. Builders will now need to focus on making north Vaishali Nagar totally self sufficient in every manner. If that is achieved, one can expect wonders in terms of property valuations from this area.

West of Vaishali Nagar needs to have a scientifically-calculated mix of office spaces, residential towers, residential gated enclaves, hospitals, schools, colleges, entertainment hubs, eating places and more. If that mix is achieved, you will end up with Vaishali Nagar being a city on its own. It will be a micro-city that promises a complete living experience.