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the crown group's guide to great homes

Essential Luxuries That A Good House Must Have:

If you are planning to buy a luxury home, flat or constructing your own dream home, here are few must haves that will make it the perfect abode to flaunt and live it up like a king.

Location is Key – The first thing to consider is where your new home will be located. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, and want some privacy, consider Farmland homes or gated communities, and prime city locations otherwise.


Luxurious Bedrooms – In addition to rest, most people work on their laptops or mobiles in bed, so you’re likely to be spending a lot of time there. King-sized beds, soft-as-clouds carpeting, large couches and luxury fixtures will make you feel like royalty!


Large Dressing Areas – Replace standard walk-in closets with dressing rooms that have extensive storage for clothing, accessories and footwear. Install quality lighting, gorgeous furniture and large mirrors, and artwork to make the space your own.

dressing rooms

Bathroom? Spa! – If you can afford to be treated like a king or queen, why should your bathroom be humdrum? Turn it into your personal spa with gigantic shower cubicles, water jets and sunken tubs, heated flooring, and even towel/robe warmers!

bathrppm spa

Entertainment Rooms – In-home movie theaters with high-tech entertainment systems can be customized to any extent. Take them to the next level with the latest in gaming technology, bar-themed décor, liquor dispensers and uber-comfortable seating.

entertainmnet rooms

Indoor Gyms – Modern exercise rooms have evolved into high-tech private gymnasiums for the opulent. Indoor pools, basketball courts, luxury fitness equipment and even saunas – the options are endless. Of course, get a personal trainer, too!

indoor gym

Restaurant-Quality Kitchens – Your kitchen should feature everything you need for formal 12-course dinner parties, as well as casual meals with family and close friends. Warming drawers, wine cellars and walk-in pantries are a few options to consider.


Classy Outdoors – Forget about landscaped gardens and gazebos that can only be admired; today’s outdoor living spaces are designed for use. A pool is essential, preferably alongside a large open-air bar with comfortable seating, kitchen and grill.

outdoors luxury

Tech-Savvy Extras – A key feature that separates luxury homes from the rest is the fact that most of them can be controlled through a phone. Everything from lighting, climate control and entertainment should be at your fingertips, literally!